YG Says BIGBANG Will Come Back in April

2015-02-11 17:48:52 2015-02-11 17:58:05

BIGBANG is back.” Boy group BIGBANG’s comeback is finally set to April, according to Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment.

On February 12, Yang Hyun Suk talked about BIGBANG’s comeback this year saying, “The first up for YG in 2015 is going to be BIGBANG. BIGBANG is to release a new album in April.”

Since their last album “Still Alive” in 2012 June, BIGBANG is finally coming back in three years, and many fans all over the world have been waiting for BIGBANG’s comeback.

Yang Hyun Suk talked about BIGBANG saying, “BIGBANG has 10 years of experience in music, and they have great ideas because of it. Their experience shined in the new album. I thought, ‘That’s why they are BIGBANG, they are the big brothers of YG.’ All songs, including the title song, are very good.”

Yang Hyun Suk also mentioned other groups in YG saying, “iKON and WINNER are working on [their albums] also, but the first one up this year is BIGBANG. I know it may become a burden for them if I say this, but I listened to BIGBANG’s new song yesterday, and it was the best out of any of their past songs.” He then added, “My heart beat faster listening to the new song. Because it’s been a long time since listening to BIGBANG’s song, I was extremely happy.”