Drunk Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Looks Extremely Attractive to MCs in “Dating Alone”

2015-02-12 00:49:32 2015-02-12 00:49:32

For the new episode of JTBC‘s TV show “Dating Alone,” Girls’ Generation Yuri is to appear as a girlfriend for the MCs of the show.

During the episode, Yuri has a few drinks while on a virtual date with the MCs. When Yuri gets slightly drunk, the MCs all comment that she looks extremely attractive when drunk.

Jun Hyun Moo becomes mesmerized by Yuri’s relaxed facial expression, and says,”Can I have a screen capture of this facial expression?” Jang Dong Min, another MC, comments, “I would use [the screen capture] as background on my phone.” Sung Si Kyung also mentions that how Yuri looks is “what real girlfriends look like” when drunk.


You can check out the MCs and Yuri’s virtual date through the new episode of “Dating Alone” on February 14.