Yewon Discusses Love Life, Appears in Pin-Up Style Photo Shoot for @star1 Magazine

2015-02-12 18:07:31 2015-02-12 18:07:31

Yewon has discussed her love life during an interview/photo shoot for the March issue of @star1 Magazine.

When asked if she has a boyfriend, Yewon responded frankly, “No. There’s a saying that when you enter the water, you have to focus on paddling. Now is exactly that kind of time. Now is a time to focus on my career rather than on a boyfriend.”

The interviewer then asked, “But isn’t now the age when you’d like to be dating?” Once again, Yewon replied straightforwardly, saying, “Actually, I was more lonely and wanting to date before. But I’m so busy with my work schedule these days that I just want to have some down time.”

Yewon also partnered with Benefit Cosmetics for a pin-up-girl style photo shoot for the magazine. The singer appears beautiful, fun, and elegant all at the same time in the photos, which feature her in poses ranging from lying playfully on a rug with curlers in her hair to staring intensely into the camera’s lens. The full set of images can be found along with an in-depth interview in the March issue of @star1 Magazine.