Chu Sung Hoon and Song Min Gook Look Like Father and Son on “Superman Returns”

2015-02-13 14:27:48 2015-02-14 12:42:56

Chu Sung Hoon and Song Min Gook look adorably happy and close on “Superman Returns.”

The February 15 broadcast of “Superman Returns” will show scenes from the last day of Chu Sung Hoon’s family visiting Song Il Gook’s family. Chu Sung Hoon, who has a daughter but no sons, seems smitten with little Min Gook, known for his overflowing aegyo. In stills from the episode, Chu Sung Hoon and Min Gook are lovey-dovey together and could pass for father and son. Perhaps he knows how daughter-less Song Il Gook felt when he met and fell for Chu Sarang.

In two of the stills, Chu Sung Hoon is seen engulfing and hugging Min Gook as if he’s a little puppy. In another still, Chu Sung Hoon shows his affection for Min Gook by pinching and massaging Min Gook’s chubby cheeks. With them being so pale and squishy, Min Gook’s cheeks look like sticky-rice cakes. Meanwhile, Min Gook looks like he’s in a trance.

See how the Song triplets and Sarang spend their final day together on the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns.”

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