Is G.Soul Going for the “Mysterious” Concept? JYP Talks Why He Is on Hiatus after Album Release

2015-02-13 20:46:43 2015-02-13 20:46:43

Even before his actual debut, G.Soul became known for being a JYP trainee for 15 years. So when his album was released on January 19, many showed immediate interest in G.Soul’s music and his epic debut.

However, after the release of his album, G.Soul did not show up on any TV programs or radio shows to talk about the album or perform his songs. Other than talking for some interviews, he stayed silent about his music.

To make up for the long time spent as a trainee, many expected him to be active as a singer, and use every chance he gets to perform his songs. Especially since he is the first singer to release album for JYP’s new label Studio J, the hiatus is mystifying. Many are even surmising that he has unspeakable reasons for not being active as a singer, and not showing up in front of his fans.

To the rumors, JYP Entertainment responded, “It isn’t that he is purposefully avoiding stages, and he is definitely not going for the ‘mysterious’ concept. G.Soul is a special singer for JYP. Rather than simply showing up on TV for two or three minutes, we are trying to think of a special way for him to show himself to [fans].”

The agency also added that G.Soul is still working on other songs as a singer-songwriter, and said, “There will be many chances for fans to meet him in the future.”