Actress Park Shin Hye Opens Up About Her Past Dating Experiences

2015-02-14 13:48:52 2015-02-14 13:48:52

Actress Park Shin Hye recently opened up about her previous relationship experiences and shared her dating style.

On the February 14 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” the actress sat down for a brief interview with the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter asked Park Shin Hye to give herself a grade for her dating life. She thought about it for a bit before answering, “My dating score is a D-,” as she drew a minus mark next to the ‘D’ grade.

The actress continued, “In the past, whenever I was asked a question in regard to dating, I could just say, ’I’ve never dated’ and pass over it because I was young. But I can’t do that anymore,” as she laughed.

She further explained, “To be honest, I also have dating experience. But I wasn’t able to focus on the other person’s feelings because I was so busy with my own work and never had time outside of work. I came to feel that I was selfish. [When I think of my actions at the time] it wasn’t very pretty.”

The reporter then asked Park Shin Hye if she prefers to date younger, older, or same-age men, she said, “I think I’m more comfortable with older or same-age. I don’t think I can see younger as men. I like a person I can lean on.”

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