GOT7’s Jackson Reveals the Reason Behind Why He Can’t Date

2015-02-14 11:30:29 2015-02-14 11:30:29

GOT7 member Jackson recently confessed the reason behind why he is unable to date at the present time.

The February 14 broadcast of JTBC’s virtual dating program “Dating Alone” showed the second part of Jackson’s virtual date with Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, as MCs Sung Si Kyung, Jeon Hyun Moo, Kim Min Jong, and Jang Dong Min watched over them.

When Jeon Hyun Moo asked Jackson if he has a girlfriend, the GOT7 member answered, “I don’t have a girlfriend. I made a promise with JYP hyung (Park Jin Young).” The MC further questioned, “Do you have to say you don’t [have a girlfriend], even if you have one?”

After hesitating for some time, Jackson repeated, “I don’t [have a girlfriend].” He continued to explain, “I can’t date right now because I’m currently under contract. JYP is quite harsh [when it comes to dating rules].”
jackson dating alone