Gary Lists the 3 Female “Running Man” Guests That Make His Heart Flutter

2015-02-15 04:14:37 2015-02-15 04:14:37

On the February 15 episode of “Running Man,” which takes on the theme of “New Year Cooking Competition,” Gary lists the female guests on the show that get his heart racing.

Gary is in Thailand for this special episode, where he must find his mission partner. Eventually, he finds actress Kim Sung Ryung, after which he can’t hide his excitement. “Kim Sung Ryung is one of the guests that makes my heart flutter,” says the Monday Couple member. “There are about three guests that do that, and they are Oh Hyun Kyung, Oh Yeon Soo, and Kim Sung Ryung. I wonder why [they’re] all older women?”

Meanwhile, the February 15 episode follows the “Running Man” cast in different countries with their respective guests/partners. Also making an appearance as guests are Yoo Sun, Yeon Jung Hoon, Shoo, Seo Woo, miss A Fei, and 2PM Taecyeon.