miss A’s Suzy Pushes Fashion Boundaries for W Korea’s 10th Anniversary

2015-02-15 18:16:04 2015-02-15 18:16:04

miss A’s Suzy goes against traditional standards of beauty and elegance in the 10th anniversary issue of W Korea.

Fashion magazine W Korea revealed a picture of Suzy on February 14 through their official SNS.

In the image, she is wearing a simple daily outfit. Despite wearing only a simple T-shirt, it’s enough to catch the eyes of viewers. With her face dewy and cheeks red, she is peering into the camera.

Her messy hair adds a casual yet alluring layer to the photo. With her cool expression, she adds a chic touch to the pictorial. Contrastingly, her pose is elegant as she has her hands together against her slightly tilted face.

With the picture, W Korea added the caption, “The last runner up for our 10th anniversary cover relay project. She is as cute as a button.”

Meanwhile, “Dorihwaga,” in which Suzy stars as the main character Chae Seon, will soon be opening in theaters. It depicts the love triangle between the famous pansori master Shin Jae Hyo, his beloved student Chae Seon, and Heungseon Daewongun.