“Superman Returns” Ratings Peak When Min Gook Runs Around in His Birthday Suit

2015-02-15 18:18:42 2015-02-15 18:18:42

Viewer ratings for KBS’ variety program “Superman Returns” peaked during this week’s episode when Song Il Gook’s middle triplet, Min Gook, wandered around without any clothes on.

According to Nielsen Korea on February 16, the segment of the February 15 broadcast of “Superman Returns” in which Min Gook ran around in the nude recorded the highest ratings with 23.6%.

This particular episode showed the last day of Chu Sung Hoon and Sarang’s visit to Song Il Gook and his triplets’ home. The triplets, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se, as well as Sarang bowed down in greeting to their parents in time for the Lunar New Year. Prior to their bows, all of the children got dressed up in their hanbok.

Min Gook was the last triplet to change into his hanbok. However, as soon as it was his turn, he got undressed and began running around the house, trying to escape his dad.

With the help of Chu Sung Hoon, Song Il Gook was able to finally get Min Gook back in his clothes.