EXID’s Hani Faces Malicious Rumors about Secret Affair; Agency Promises Aggressive Action

2015-02-16 22:41:53 2015-02-16 23:02:04

Recently, rumors regarding EXID’s Hani have been spreading online and via mobile platforms, claiming that she is an outcast of the girl group and that she is involved in an ongoing secret affair with one of Korea’s top (middle-aged) actors.

In response, EXID’s agency has adamantly stated that the rumors are not true. “The rumors are so ridiculous that we didn’t really take them seriously, but leaving it alone, a lot of people seemed to take it in as true. We couldn’t stay quiet any longer,” says the agency. “If [the rumors] are distributed further, we will take aggressive action.”

Meanwhile, EXID latest release, “Up & Down,” went through a revival stage after a fan-cam was posted of Hani, where it returned to music shows and even nabbed some number one trophies months after its initial release.

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