Super Junior’s Heechul Opens Up about Mean Comments on Instagram

2015-02-16 22:55:33 2015-02-16 23:01:08

On February 17, Super Junior‘s Heechul left a long message on Instagram after receiving hateful comments. He began, “I was reading some comments…and there are a few that aren’t very nice to look at, and some have flustered me. This is why I usually don’t read comments.” He confessed that he couldn’t help but mind the rude comments, even though they are just “One person out of 100 people that support him.”

Revealing that he struggled whether to start his Instagram account after deleting his Twitter, he confessed of not wanting to make more issues and controversy through social networking. Instead, he decided to make his Instagram account filled with light humor rather than anything serious or controversial. “I wanted to think of my Instagram account as a place where I could hang out with my fans,” he said.

He ended the caption saying, “You all should just laugh it off also. It might be thrilling and fun to curse others, but there’s nothing that will give you more happiness than smiling and trying to enjoy life. Happy New Year and put your seat-belt on [on your way home]!”

Meanwhile, he had revealed earlier that some photos on his Instagram account were deleted by a hacker.