Lee Dong Gun Is Living the Bachelor Life in Stills From “Super Daddy 10”

2015-02-18 16:07:17 2015-02-18 16:07:17

Lee Dong Gun is a scruffy bachelor in stills from his upcoming drama “Supper Daddy 10.”

In the stills, Lee Dong Gun’s character Han Yeol is grocery shopping. He looks like he left his house without caring about his appearance, with his wrinkled clothes, unshaven face, and messy hairstyle. His shopping cart is filled with only alcohol and snacks.

Unsurprisingly, Lee Dong Gun appears as a longtime bachelor in “Super Daddy 10.” He has lived his life as a bachelor after being hurt by his first love. When she re-appears with a daughter in tow and suggests they get married, he agrees and embarks on a new life as a husband and stepfather.

With this disheveled and not-so-successful character, Lee Dong Gun will be making a departure from the suave and chic characters he’s usually played in the past, like in “Lovers in Paris” and “Marry Him If You Dare.”

“Super Daddy 10” co-stars Lee Yoo Ri and will air on tvN in mid-March, after “Heart to Heart” wraps up.