Shinhwa Takes on Youthful Appearance in Shoot for Grazia Magazine

2015-02-18 18:38:16 2015-02-18 18:38:16

Shinhwa has participated in a photoshoot for Grazia Magazine ahead of the release of their 12th album, “We.”

Grazia posted one of the photos from the shoot to its official Facebook page on February 16. The image shows the veteran group lounging and laughing together, wearing very casual sweats and pajamas and reading comic books. According to a post along with the photo, Shinhwa came together to take part in a shoot for the fashion magazine’s two year anniversary issue. Rumor also has it that it was hard to believe the group’s members were all in their 30s given their youthful appearance and behavior during the shoot.

The full shoot and an interview with the group can be found in the two-year anniversary issue of Grazia.