“2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships” Comes In as Top Lunar New Year Special

2015-02-19 19:00:30 2015-02-19 19:00:30

This year’s “2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships” on MBC has once again proved its popularity amongst all Lunar New Year special broadcasts through viewer rating numbers.

According to viewership ratings research company Nielsen Korea on February 20, the first part of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which was aired on the previous day, February 19, recorded nationwide ratings of 8.5%. The program hits airwaves every year for the Lunar New Year, and it is beginning to solidify its position as a regular program every year by reaching viewer ratings nearing the 10% mark.

The first half of this athletics competition program where idol group members go head to head, featured activities including basketball, track and field, as well as futsal.