EXID’s Solji Receives Attention for Being in Her 10th Year Since Debut

2015-02-19 11:21:18 2015-02-19 11:21:18

Girl group EXID‘s Solji has gained attention about her past a member of the female duo 2NB in the past.

Solji appeared on MBC‘s Lunar New Year special, “Mystery Music Show Mask King,” and won with her powerful vocals. On the episode, MC Kim Sung Joo mentioned that this was Solji’s 10th calendar year since debut, surprising many viewers.

Solji is receiving attention for being a part of the female duo 2NB which debuted in 2006. 2NB, which debuted with its first single album in 2006 with “The First Scent.” The duo stopped activities in June of 2012 with its last single, “How Can You live.”

Meanwhile, after Solji came out as the winner of ” Mystery Music Show Mask King,” she made her award speech, saying, “I’m very thankful that I was recognized for my voice alone. It makes me think that all the time that I’ve spent singing was not wasted.”