EXID Preparing For Comeback in March

2015-02-20 21:52:23 2015-02-20 21:56:21

Girl group EXID, best known for their song “Up & Down,” will be returning with new songs this March.

According to a representative on February 21, EXID is currently meeting a songwriter to choose the right tune, kicking off a start to their preparation for comeback in March.

Currently one of the hottest girl groups, the group first gained fame through an up-close video of Hani sensually dancing to song “Up & Down. ” Though the song was originally released in August, it started topping charts and winning first place on ranking shows months later.

As more and more fans are starting to anticipate a new song, a representative of Yedang Entertainment, EXID’s managing agency, responded, “We are feeling the need to make a comeback sometime soon and are currently looking for the right song. We will release a new song for fans as soon as possible.”