4Minute’s HyunA Shows Off Close Friendship with Members of ‘92-Line’

2015-02-21 11:31:54 2015-02-21 11:31:54

HyunA of girl group 4Minute recently showed off her close friendship with the members of the ’92-line,’ which consists of stars born in the year 1992.

On February 21, HyunA posted a short caption on her own personal Instagram account, “#92 #friends,” along with a series of photos of herself posing next to a few of the ’92-line’ members including Block B’s Zico, f(x)’s Amber, as well as solo artist Crush.

In these photos uploaded onto her SNS, HyunA can be seen taking snapshots with Amber, Zico, and Crush, while they all put on a variety of facial expressions, from fierce to silly. It appears that the shots were taken behind-the-scenes of MBC’s weekly music program “Music Core,” as they are dressed in their stage outfits.

Check out the ’92-line’ having fun together:
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