Actress Kyung Soo Jin Describes Her Ideal Type

2015-02-21 12:18:33 2015-02-21 12:18:33

Actress Kyung Soo Jin recently shared a description of her ideal type.

On the February 21 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” the cast members of the weekend drama “Bluebird’s House,” including Kyung Soo Jin, Lee Joon Hyuk, Lee Sang Yeob, and Chae Soo Bin, sat down for an interview with the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter asked Kyung Soo Jin about her ideal man, to which the actress shared, “I think I like men who look cool without trying too hard.”

The actress was then asked which of her male co-stars, Lee Joon Hyuk or Lee Sang Yeob, is closer to her ideal type. In response, she stated, “Cha Seung Won sunbae-nim,” causing everyone to burst into laughter with her unexpected answer, despite her co-stars sitting right beside her.