“Ode to My Father” Edges “Avatar” and Becomes Second Most-Watched Movie in Korean Box Office History

2015-02-21 23:09:22 2015-02-21 23:09:22

The movie “Ode to My Father” has broken the record set by “Avatar” (2009) and has taken the second place spot on Korea’s box office rankings.

On February 20, its 66th day since opening, “Ode to My Father” hit 13,811,287 viewers, putting it ahead of the most popular foreign movie in Korea, “Avatar.” “Avatar” had 13,624,328 viewers, and had been second place on Korea’s all-time box office rankings.

In just one day on February 20, which was part of the Lunar New Year holidays, “Ode to My Father” gained 190,072 viewers. It is now in its 10th week since opening, but is still near the top of the box office.

“Ode to My Father” now looks forward to breaking 14 million viewers for the first time since “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” (2014), and for the second time ever.