Kang Sora Sees a Tenfold Increase in Male Fans

2015-02-22 04:46:48 2015-02-22 04:46:48

Kang Sora says that the number of her male fans increased tenfold.

On the February 22 episode of MBC’s “Section TV,” the entertainment program visits and interviews Kang Sora on the set of a commercial shoot.

When asked about something that’s changed due to her recent rise in popularity, she shares that she has more male fans now than she did before.  She says, “Before, at fan meetings, about two or three out of 200 people [in the audience] were male. They came because of their wife or daughter. Now there are about 30 [men at my fan meeting]. The number increased to ten times the amount.” Commenting on the change, she says with a big smile, “I’m very happy.”

Kang Sora first gained popularity in “Sunny,” a 2011 film about the strong friendship between a group of women. She more recently starred in television dramas “Doctor Stranger” and the very popular “Misaeng,” which may account for the increase in male fans.

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