Lee Kyung Kyu’s Daughter Flusters Him with Sharp Criticism

2015-02-22 07:43:20 2015-02-22 07:43:20

Lee Kyung Kyu‘s daughter Lee Ye Rim says the inconvenient truth about her father, catching him off guard.

On the February 21 episode of SBS‘ Lunar New Year special “Take Care of My Dad,” Lee Kyung Kyu and his daughter Lee Ye Rim appear on the show.

Lee Kyung Kyu asks his daughter kindly, “Do you have anything you want from me, your dad?” At this, Lee Ye Rim says sharply, “To be friendly to people when you go somewhere.”

She then says further, “You’re so scary that I can’t talk to you. Same with the staff. When you reply to someone, look in their face. How long do you think you can be the king?” Her brutal honesty flusters Lee Kyung Kyu.

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