Shinhwa Reveals They Could’ve Broken Up during Their Four-Year Hiatus

2015-02-22 19:46:00 2015-02-22 21:17:29

Long-running idol group Shinhwa has revealed that they could have broken up during their four-year hiatus.

On the upcoming episode of the talk show “Healing Camp,” the members of the group appeared as guests, talking about their group’s long history.

The group’s leader Eric revealed that the four-year hiatus the group had in late 2000’s was their hardest moment together, adding, “We could have broken up during that time.”

Shinhwa, who debuted in 1998, has been active for 17 years without a single member change. They will also be releasing their 12th official album, “We,” on February 26, with the title single “Sniper.”

On the episode of “Healing Camp” set to air on February 23, the group will also show off their expert variety skills, as the episode will have a romantic “Real Romance – Love Letter” theme. Eric is also said to have revealed a shocking part of his past, when he weighted over 95kg.

Watch the teaser here: