Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Shows Off Her Luminous Skin in Elle Magazine

2015-02-23 20:07:08 2015-02-23 20:07:08
girls' generation

On February 23, fashion magazine Elle released a cut from a beauty article with Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon.

Despite being a stickler for technique when it comes to makeup and her own admission of being “really anal when it comes to beauty,” Hyoyeon reportedly freely gave herself over to the staff at Elle for the photo shoot.

In the revealed cut, she showcases her dewy skin with a natural makeup look that sticks mostly to neutral tones save for a hint of pink on her cheeks and lids.

In the corresponding interview, Hyoyeon, who is slated to come out with her own book about her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle know-how this spring, gives readers a peek into her beauty pouch. The pouch includes personal must-have items like an eyebrow kit, mascara, lipstick, and [makeup] brushes. She shares specific brand recommendations and also talks about her interest in perfume, candles, and oils.

You can catch the full article and pictorial in the March issue of Elle magazine.