Kang Ha Neul Is Happy to Have a Good Friend in Kim Woo Bin

2015-02-23 11:18:52 2015-02-23 17:26:18

Kang Ha Neul talks about his close friendship with Kim Woo Bin in an interview and also about how their friendship developed. Kang Ha Neul is in two upcoming films, “C’est Si Bon” and “Twenty,” the latter which also stars his friend Kim Woo Bin. The two were also in the television drama “Heirs” together in 2013.

Kang Ha Neul talks about the development of the friendship, revealing, “We didn’t become close while filming ‘Heirs.’ I didn’t approach him often. But we got very friendly while filming ‘Twenty.’ I gained a good friend in Kim Woo Bin.”

When asked about his Christmas plans during the press conference  for “The Technicians,” which opened late last year, Kim Woo Bin shared he was thinking of having soju with Kang Ha Neul. The two friends did meet up for drinks and Kang Ha Neul says, “There aren’t too many men I would have drinks with on Christmas Eve.”

Kang Ha Neul compliments his friend as he says, “Woo Bin is honest and says clearly what he likes and doesn’t like. I like that about him, since that’s a quality I don’t have. I’m the type to say I like things even when I don’t. Because that part of my personality is different from Woo Bin, I’ve even studied that side of him. Also, Woo Bin is just a very nice guy.”

The two actors, along with 2PM’s Junho are in the upcoming movie “Twenty.” The film is about the misadventures of three best friends as they move into adulthood. Watch the film’s comedic trailer below: