SHINee’s Key Appears in a Bold Photoshoot for Maps

2015-02-23 14:46:29 2015-02-23 14:46:29

SHINee’s Key showed off his dreamy qualities in a recent photo shoot for Maps.

Appearing in the fashion magazines March edition, released February 23, Key wears bold, punk-inspired clothing. Taking the look even further, he appears with his upper body exposed in one of the photos and gazes dreamily into the camera with his blue lenses.


According to a source associated with the shoot, Key participated in the shoot with a fashionista’s passion. Already known as a style icon when it comes to his “airport fashion” and his outfits on the red carpet, Key added his own flair to this shoot, infusing each shot with his own personality. Fans can look for the rest of the shoot in this month’s Maps Magazine.