Han Ye Seul Is a Chic Parisian in Marie Claire Pictorial

2015-02-24 22:54:10 2015-02-24 22:54:10

In her most recent pictorial, Han Ye Seul transformed into a Parisian. The charismatic femme fatale was stunning as she caught the eyes of viewers.

On February 25, fashion magazine Marie Claire revealed the photo cuts of the actress for its March issue through its official Facebook account.

The pictorial took place in the streets of Paris, adding to her chic and charismatic vibe. In the photos, she is wearing simple black and white clothes which adds to the minimalistic Parisian look.

Even the background of the photos add authenticity to the pictorial. She poses on plain roads and concrete walls, rather than fairy-tale like streets. Her nonchalant expression, simple yet chic clothing, and the natural background all combine together to make her look like a Parisian.

Her body especially catches the eyes of viewers in the photo where she is wearing a short skirt. Her long legs are highlighted in the short yet classic dresses.

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