Teen Top’s Niel Becomes a Sporty Street Fashion Model in Pictorial for Bling

2015-02-24 23:16:02 2015-02-24 23:51:29

In his individual pictorial, Teen Top’s Niel released all his charms in full force.

The singer recently released the song “LoveKiller” from his first solo album “oNIELy,” collaborated with sporty street fashion brand “Teams” in the periodical Bling. With the use of several casual and sporty items, he proved he was quite the fashion star.

In the pictures, he mixes and matches sweat pants with hoodies and sweat shirts, showing viewers how to style spring street fashion without going overboard. In some of the cuts, he looks like a sweet boy as he wears an innocent smile and a snapback. In other cuts, he shows a totally contrasting side, posing as a bad boy.

niel bling 3 niel bling 1
More pictures of his pictorial can be seen in the March issue of Bling.

niel bling 4 niel bing 2 Niel Bling 5