Yeo Jin Goo Displays a Bad Boy Image in Nylon Shoot

2015-02-24 15:29:03 2015-02-24 15:29:03

Actor Yeo Jin Goo shows off a new side of himself in a photo shoot with fashion magazine Nylon.

Loved by many for his mature acting and uniquely deep voice despite his young age, Yeo Jin Goo portrayed a “bad boy” image in the shoot, which is a change from his usual roles and  everyday life.

In an interview for the magazine, the actor said, “When you receive love from someone, you have a responsibility,” he said, emphasizing “responsibility.” “It’s not that I’m impatient to change my image, but more that I want to do the best I can with the opportunities I’ve been given.”


In slight contrast to his mature voice and dignified image, the actor said “I like to chat with my friends just like everyone else my age.”

Fans can catch the full shoot and interview in Nylon’s March issue.