KBS Deems Shinhwa and Zico Songs Unfit for Broadcast

2015-02-25 13:16:04 2015-02-25 13:16:04

KBS has declared new songs from Shinhwa and Zico to be unfit for broadcast.

Shinhwa’s “Cat,” off of their 12th album “We,” and Block B member Zico’s single “Well Done” were both deemed unfit to air because of the songs’ content. In response, both sides have said that they currently have no plans to change the songs’ content or to fight the network’s decision.

“There are currently no plans to broadcast “Cat” on television,” Shinhwa’s agency said. “We do not plan to modify the song’s lyrics or appeal for a new decision from KBS.”

A representative of Zico had a similar message, saying, “KBS has taken issue with the word ‘bitches’ in the lyrics of ‘Well Done,’ but we currently have no intention of modifying the song or protesting their decision. We will change the lyrics in question for any future broadcasts.”

According to KBS, “Cat” was deemed unfit for broadcast because its lyrics mention of a particular product, Coca Cola. Zico’s “Well Done,” meanwhile, was banned for its use of vulgar language.

Shinhwa released their album “We” today, February 26, in Korea. Zico’s second solo single “Well Done”  was released on February 13 and achieved an all kill on the charts. Check out the music video below.