2NE1’s Minzy Uploads Self-Composed Track Clips to Instagram

2015-02-26 02:30:56 2015-02-26 02:30:56
2ne1 minzy instagram clip photo

Solo from Minzy maybe?

With 2NE1 leader CL busy with preparations for her solo debut in the U.S., the rest of the members are doing their own thing, and it looks like Minzy has been in the studio, just making music “for fun” (solo prep?).

For three days in a row, the 2NE1 member has posted clips of self-written and -composed tracks, titled “Get It Get It,” “Can’t You See My Heart,” and “Star&Sky,” in the order of posting.

Many fans have begun to speculate that Minzy has a solo on the way, and if not, to ask for a solo from the youngest 2NE1 member.

Check out her solo clips below! What do you think?

A video posted by MINZY (@_minzy_mz) on

A video posted by MINZY (@_minzy_mz) on

A video posted by MINZY (@_minzy_mz) on