Jaejoong Becomes an Art Director for Fashion Brand MOLDIR

2015-02-26 16:12:28 2015-02-26 16:12:28

Fashion brand MOLDIR uploaded a video featuring their art director, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

In the video, Jaejoong can be seen leading his team in spearheading all the design efforts of the brand as he fingers through fabric swatches and inspects finished products.


In a recent interview, Jaejoong shared, “In a flawless production, whether in music or acting, fashion is something that can’t be left out. Through the designs, I try to show the sensibility I have developed through my experiences [as a singer and actor].”

He also offered his design philosophy, “What I consider most important is the material. To create a design that is not just instant fashion with a short-term, consumptive feel, high-quality materials must be used, which is why I care about every single little detail.”


Ever since his DBSK days, Jaejoong has been known for his sense of style, which he now integrates into the modern but minimalistic aesthetic of MOLDIR.

Check out the video and interview below.