“Unpretty Rapstar’s” Jessi Says She’s Not as Fierce as She Looks and Is Close to Lil Cham in Real Life

2015-02-26 01:48:10 2015-02-26 01:50:38

During an interview with OSEN, Jessi talks about her reputation as a “fierce unni” in Mnet‘s TV show “Unpretty Rapstar.”

Jessi reveals she watched every episode of the show, and confesses that she was scared throughout the filming, saying, “I was insecure about being on the show since not only do I have to rap, I also have to be part of a ‘reality show.’ After a few episodes though, It got more fun.”

Talking about how she was portrayed in the show, Jessi shares, “I looked really fierce in the first few episodes. I admit that my appearance can be intimidating, but my personality is not like that. If you watch me from beginning to the end of the show, you’ll be able to see the real side of me. Because I’m a human being, I tend to have some tempers, but I also get stressed out. I like having fun and taking care of the younger [rappers].”

When asked why she dissed Lil Cham in the show, Jessi answers, “We’re actually not in bad terms, and talk to each other often.” She also compliments other rappers of the show saying, “All members of  ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ have different tastes and are good in their own areas. I didn’t dis Lil Cham because she’s bad but because I was [frustrated] being eliminated for the first challenge and got it out on her.”

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