Kim Sung Ryung Looks Elegant in Sunglasses a Pictorial

2015-02-27 18:32:05 2015-02-27 18:32:05

Kim Sung Ryung is shows off her elegance in a recent sunglasses pictorial.

In the photos, the actress wears a variety of high-end sunglasses, appearing very polished and refined. In one photo, she wears a pair subtly decorated with jewels along with a white sleeveless shirt with a plunging neckline, displaying an unexpected charm while looking elegant and sexy.


It is said that despite the long hours of the shoot, Kim Sung Ryung remained very upbeat and professional, striking a variety of poses and consulting with the photographer between takes. The eye-wear brand was apparently very pleased with her performance, saying, “We are very  thankful to the beautiful and graceful Kim Sung Ryung for participating in this shoot for us. We think her sensible yet elegant quality helps the product stand out even more.”

Meanwhile, the actress is set to return to television screens in March in the new MBC drama “The Queen’s Flower.”