Park Min Young Is Afraid to Get Back into Dating

2015-02-27 00:12:02 2015-02-27 00:12:02

In a recent interview with media outlet Daily Sports, actress Park Min Young shares candidly her thoughts on dating.

She says, “Do I have time to date right now? I’ve had projects back to back and am soon leaving for China. When I get back I’ll have another project. Although my management agency doesn’t really care about dating, I don’t have time. I didn’t believe in not having enough time to date, but I think it’s really possible.”

On whether she is lonely, Park Min Young shares, “An actress has to [date] too. However, maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy, but I don’t really [experience loneliness]. It’s not really courteous to have a boyfriend when you have only two hours to sleep. My top priority is acting, and it’s not love if my lover is not my first priority. I suppose I’ll meet someone when I take a breather from acting.”

She continues, “I have a lot of fear about starting [a relationship]. It’s been a while since I dated, and the thought of starting again makes me fearful.”

Meanwhile, Park Min Young recently revealed the lessons she learned during her two-year hiatus and how her break cultivated in her a new thirst for acting. She also recently wrapped up “Healer,” her second drama since her hiatus.

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