4Minute Wins “Inkigayo” for Second Consecutive Week with “Crazy”

2015-02-28 22:14:49 2015-02-28 22:14:49

Member Kwon Sohyun said, “We’d like to thank everyone that worked so hard on this album. Today is the March 1st Movement. Let’s not forget, and we’ll likewise always be thankful.”

The full list of performers for this week’s “Inkigayo” include Shinhwa, 4Minute, f(x) Amber, VIXX, Sunny Hill, Teen Top Niel, GFRIEND, Tahiti, Zion.T & Crush, 1PUNCH, Rainbow, MY NAME, Nine Muses, Sonamoo, KIXS, Rubber Soul, Tey, and Berry Good.

Watch the performances below:

4Minute wins

4Minute – “Crazy”

Shinhwa – “Sniper”

VIXX – “Love Equation”

Sunny Hill – “Child in Time”

Niel – “Love Killer”

GFRIEND – “Glass Bead”

Rainbow – “Black Swan”

Nine Muses – “Drama”

Next week’s comebacks