Ji Chang Wook Thought He Had No Talent in Acting

2015-02-28 09:02:28 2015-02-28 09:02:28

Actor Ji Chang Wook recently took part in an interview after finishing up his latest drama Healer on February 10.

When asked whether he was dating co-star Park Min Young, he said, “No, I’m not. But I feel like being asked these kinds of questions is a step that always follows after the completion of a production.” He added, “After I finished ‘Empress Ki’ with Ha Ji Won, everybody kept asking me if we were dating. I had a lot of on-screen chemistry with Park Min Young this time as well. If I’m shooting a love scene with a fellow actress and people ask us whether we’re dating, I think that means we did a great job on our acting.”

Ji Chang Wook received much praise for his role in the “Healer” to which the actor replied, “When I first made my debut, I didn’t think I was talented enough and that led me to think hard about my acting future. I thought about quitting ‘Smile Again’ but when actor Kim Yoo Seok from the drama told me that actors are not gifted, his words helped me a lot.”

The actor said, “Ultimately, an actor is someone who expresses a human being and that human being is an average person just like everybody else. That human being is not special. I found that I just need to work hard in order to express this person that surrounds us everyday.”