Namgoong Min Becomes Hong Jin Young’s Seat Belt in “We Got Married”

2015-02-28 01:46:55 2015-02-28 01:46:55

On February 28 episode of “We Got Married,” Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min go on a date to an amusement park.

In the episode, the couple decides to go on a ride together. They choose to go on a boat ride that slides down water. Although Hong Jin Young has been scared of going on amusement park rides, she decides to do it for her virtual husband.

Namgoong Min hugs her tightly from behind and becomes a seat belt for his scared wife, but nonetheless, Hong Jin Young screams and screams throughout the ride as if she’s giving birth.

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Afterwards, Hong Jin Young shares, “I only got on the ride because [Namgoong Min] was with me. If he wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have done it.”

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