MC Mong Returns with “Love Mash” Music Video

2015-03-01 12:41:03 2015-03-01 12:41:03

Entertainer MC Mong has returned once again with a music video for “Love Mash (feat. Chancellor of the Channels).”

The bright music video shows MC Mong in various pop-colored locations like a laundromat and a kitchen. He is joined by the vocalist featured on the song, Chancellor of the Channels, and singer Yoon Gun, in some instances. The music video also incorporates props like a huge blowup hotdog. The song is part of his new album “Song for You.”

MC Mong had a successful but controversial comeback last year with his album “Miss Me or Diss Me.” Although he topped numerous charts and won on music shows, his return was met with controversy from some. He will continue to not promote his single on music shows.

Watch the music video for “Love Mash” below.