Seo Taiji Plans to Release Next Album in Two to Three Years

2015-03-01 10:10:18 2015-03-01 10:10:18

Legendary musician Seo Taiji revealed at a concert that he plans to release his next album in two to three years.

On March 1, Seo Taiji held the encore concert for his nationwide concert tour, “Quiet Night.” During the concert, he held an interview session with his fans, where a fan asked him when his 10th album will be released. He answered, “I’m not sure when the 10th album will come out. I haven’t taken a proper break. I only took a break after my 7th album was released. I spent three months in Japan. I had a really great time.” He then continued, “I listened to a lot of music during that time and everyday I was so happy. I need some time like that now, to make good music. I’m planning on two to three years.”

Seo Taiji had his much-anticipated comeback last year with his ninth album “Quiet Night.”