Lee Tae Im Leaves “Tutoring Across Generations” after Cursing and Screaming at Fellow Cast Members

2015-03-02 20:59:05 2015-03-02 21:03:56

It was revealed that actress Lee Tae Im withdrew from “Tutoring Across Generations” after cursing and swearing at fellow cast members.

One industry associate said, “Lee Tae Im was being tutored on how to swim and be a diver in the sea. Recently, she had dove into the winter ocean and was filming when someone asked her, “Aren’t you cold? Are you all right?” and suddenly, Lee Tae Im began to curse and became very angry. It was not a situation where she should have been worked up, and with Lee Tae Im’s sudden behaviour, they even had to stop filming.”

Because of the incident, Lee Tae Im withdrew from “Tutoring Across Generations” after filming with Lee Jae Hoon for one month as a diver couple. About this incident, it was confirmed that Lee Tae Im and the program producers agree that they would use the excuse of Lee Tae Im’s health to explain the withdrawal. The other cast members were careful when asked about Lee Tae Im’s behaviour. Lee Jae Hoon and Ye Won said, “It’s true that there were problems, but it’s difficult to talk about the situation.”

“Tutoring Across Generations” producers Choi Yoon Jung and Park Hyun Suk as well as Lee Tae Im’s management company were reached, but were not available for comments.

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