Song Seung Hun and YoonA Receive Presidential Award for Being Exemplary Taxpayers

2015-03-02 23:00:46 2015-03-02 23:00:46

Actor Song Seung Hun and Girls’ Generation member YoonA were honored by the President for being exemplary taxpayers.

On March 3, Song Seung Hun, YoonA, Han Chae Young, among others, attended a commemorative ceremony in Gangnam in honor of Taxpayer Day.

song seung hun yoona

During the ceremony, the National Tax Service recognized those who have been conscientious taxpayers and by doing so, contributed sizably to the country’s finances. Song Seung Hun and YoonA were among a handful to receive the prestigious presidential award.

Both Song Seung Hun and YoonA are no strangers to the do-gooder scene. Song Seung Hun was recognized as a model taxpayer before in 2010, and earlier this year, YoonA joined the Honor Society, an organization composed of major donors who are committed to addressing society’s problems.

Hats off to you, Song Seung Hyun and YoonA!