Yewon Reportedly Remained Calm Although Lee Tae Im Cursed and Screamed at Her

2015-03-02 23:46:39 2015-03-02 23:49:49

According to earlier reports, Lee Tae Im withdrew from “Tutoring Across Generation after cursing and screaming at fellow cast members of the show. The most recent report revealed that the “fellow cast member” is none other than singer and actress Yewon.

One of the staff who was at the scene testified that Lee Tae Im caused a mayhem by cursing at Yewon unexpectedly. Lee Tae Im’s withdrawl was decided after the happening.

The person revealed, “At the time, Lee Jae Hoon wasn’t at the scene and Lee Tae Im harshly cursed at Yewon who was with her.” He added, “Because it wasn’t a situation in which she should have been so angry, everyone was surprised at her sudden outburst, and the filming had to stop.”

Another person who was at the scene revealed that Yewon, after being cursed at, remained surprisingly calm. He shared, “Although Yewon must have been the one most shocked and uncomfortable, she took the situation calmly. She seemed very mature and professional.”

Meanwhile, “Tutoring Across Generation” stated that because of reasons regarding her health, Lee Tae Im decided to leave the show.

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