Koyote Makes Comeback with New Single, “Stop Love”

2015-03-03 09:32:04 2015-03-03 09:32:04

The longest-running mixed group Koyote has revealed its single album, “Stop Love.”

Noon of March 3, Koyote revealed their single album “Stop Love” through a various music sites. It is their first album in a year since they released their mini album “1999” in January of 2014.

“Stop Love” is an emotional medium tempo song which was written by the hit-making composer Kim Se Jin. The lyrics, which communicate the pain of breakup, were written by member Shin Ji. Many people are expected to be able to lyrics for the song.

Meanwhile, the Koyote members debuted together in 1998, and have achieved success and love with each song that they released since then. Currently, each member is active in various fields including variety programs.