Nam Joo Hyuk Thinks Kangnam Had Plastic Surgery after Seeing His Old Photos

2015-03-03 18:19:57 2015-03-03 18:19:57

Model and actor Nam Joo Hyuk suspects M.I.B‘s Kangnam of getting plastic surgery after seeing his past photos.

On the March 3 episode of JTBC‘s variety show “Off to School,” Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk go to the Hawaiian school that Kangnam had previously attended.

In this episode, Kangnam’s graduation album is revealed. His school principal takes out the graduation album and says to Nam Joo Hyuk, “Do you think you can find Kangnam in here?”

Nam Joo Hyuk begins the challenge confidently, but it takes him a while to find Kangnam in the album. Kangnam looks different in the 10-year-old photo, and Kangnam explains, saying, “I weighed 90 kg back then.”

However, Nam Joo Hyuk isn’t fully satisfied by the explanation and jokes, “Something is different, and not because you lost weight. You definitely changed something. I caught you for sure this time.”