Lee Bo Young Sends a Food Truck To “Kill Me Heal Me” Filming Set for Husband Ji Sung’s Colleagues

2015-03-04 22:29:35 2015-03-04 22:29:35

On the evening of March 4, Lee Bo Young sent a food truck to the filming set of drama “Kill Me Heal Me.

The staff and actors of “Kill Me Heal Me” have been following a busy schedule as the drama is nearing its end. Because the actors, including her husband Ji Sung, and the filming staff were to work hard until late hours, the thoughtful actress delivered snacks to them.

Moreover, Lee Bo Young sent a cute message through a banner attached to the food truck, which read, “Please use our ‘head of the household’ with care and return him safely.” She seems to have referred to Ji Sung as a “head of the household” since the couple are expecting their first child soon.

food truck

Meanwhile, actress Lee Bo Young plans to focus on her pregnancy until the due date which will be around July this year.

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