Luhan and Wu Yi Fan to Reportedly Guest on Chinese Version of “Running Man”

2015-03-04 03:02:49 2015-03-04 03:02:49

According to Chinese media sources, Luhan and Wu Yi Fan (Kris) are scheduled to make guest appearances on “Hurry Up, Brother,” the Chinese version of SBS’ variety show “Running Man.”

Chinese media reports that a cue sheet for the variety show recently leaked onto the internet, disclosing details about the member lineup for season two, as well as guests for the new episodes.

The leaked list reportedly includes Luhan and Wu Yi Fan as guests. The two stars are currently involved in a legal battle with their agency SM Entertainment with the idols demanding contract termination and SM suing the former EXO members for contract violation.

“Hurry Up, Brother” will kick off its second season by holding a shoot from March 9 to 13 in Chengdu, according to the leaked cue sheet.

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