Jang Nara in Talks for “Hello Monster” Along with Lee Jin Wook

2015-03-05 22:31:41 2015-03-05 22:31:41

Actress Jang Nara is in talks to be the female lead in the upcoming KBS drama “Hello Monster.”

According to reports, she is currently favorably considering the role. One associate told the media, “It’s not finalized on contract yet, but both sides have talked about it and both are happy with the arrangements. We are trying our best to have as much time to prepare as we can, so the casting will be finalized shortly.”

Actor Lee Jin Wook was also offered the male role in the drama and has been reported to be considering it positively.

“Hello Monster” is a healing drama about a crime-solving duo. It will air after “Who Are You,” (working title) the “School” drama which will air after “Blood.”