NS Yoon-G to Comeback with an R&B Song

2015-03-05 19:12:24 2015-03-05 19:25:09

Singer NS Yoon-G will be making a comeback this month.

Her agency JTM Entertainment stated, “NS Yoon-G will be releasing a digital single on March 20.”

She almost posted on a personal SNS account “sometimes, girls just need a red lipstick” along with a picture of herself wearing red lipstick. The look is sexy, strong, and charismatic. In this way, she alluded to her comeback indirectly.


A representative from her agency revealed, “Her first song of the year will be an R&B song” and “you will be able to see a different side to her that has not been previously shown.”

The singer debuted in 2009 with her single “Head Hurts” Since then she has been releasing songs that reflect her different charms as a solo singer.

Last year she collaborated with Giriboy for the song “Anticipation Note” which did well on various music charts.