Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung’s Upcoming Drama “Sensory Couple” Holds First Script Reading

2015-03-05 23:02:44 2015-03-05 23:02:44

Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung‘s upcoming romantic drama “Sensory Couple” recent held its first script reading.

The drama released behind-the-scenes stills from the script reading, which took place sometime in early March. Majority of the cast was there to partake in the reading, including the main characters Park Yoochun, Shin Se KyungNamgoong Minand Yoon Jin SeoSupporting cast members including Kim So Hyun, Jung Chan Woo, Kim Byung Wook, and Lee Won Jong were present, among others.

A production member present at the script reading said, “Time went by so fast during the reading due to the great chemistry of the cast members. We’re certain that the audience will be drawn to the drama as well, when it starts.”

“Sensory Couple” is an SBS drama based on the webtoon called “Girl Who Could See Smells.” It will premiere on April 1, after the completion of “Hyde, Jekyll, Me.”